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Chelsey Mark 

The Filmmaker

Parental Control (Short) Trailor

Taking away the boys' cell phones for the day creates exactly what was anticipated, chaos.

The Girl Next Door (Short) Trailor

In his friendly hometown, Justin walks his dog Zelda to say hello to his neighbor Sam but is greeted by an oddly persuasive girl.

The Callback (Short) Trailor

Failing a callback audition for a breakout role, Stew goes 48 hours off the grid reviving his actor mojo to return home discovering new messages on his answering machine.

Vengeance (Short) Trailor

After burying a man he accidentally killed, Ted becomes increasingly disturbed by a paranormal presence.

While performing non-stop, Chelsey produced and executed projects on his own. Aside from shooting a Much Music VJ competition video in 1997, he began producing, directing and writing over 300, five-minute episodes for the educational TV segment CCTV’s Action English (2011).  He also produced a travel special for his Manitoban hometown A travelling We Go (2012), Jane Goodall’s Youth organization Roots and Shoots pilot music video (2009), Canada Tourism Commission TV pilot Keep Exploring (2014) and several personal promo and social media video projects. Mr. Mark starred, directed and produced an action short Bratya (2017), a five-episode reality web series Mai China Life (2018) and a body transformation documentary Becoming Bruce (2016). 

Kickstarting his filmmaking career, Chelsey was selected for the Whistler Indigenous Fellowship at the Whistler Film Festival (2019) with his short The Callback. Keeping busy during Covid-19 quarantine solo filmed a comedy short I am Covid-19 (2020) and received funding to write the 1st draft of his feature film Skate like a Girl. He championed a spot in the Foundations of Purpose Leadership Intensive at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity (2020) and was one of the five finalists in the Gimli Film Festivals RBC Pitch Competition (2020).  His short Vengeance (2020) Won Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best actor in the Winnipeg Film Groups 48-hour film competition.

Continuing his filmmaking career he was a participant in the Netflix-BANFF Diversity of Voices(2021), entered his short The Callback (2021) into the film festival circuit.

In 2023, The Callback won at the Peterborough Short Film Showcase and he completed his newest short film, Parental Control(2023). 

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